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i sneeze a lot

Astrological Asks

  • Aurora:What is the most beautiful thing that you can think of?
  • Stars:Who do you think of most?
  • Bolide:What makes you want to give up?
  • Comet:Who do you like to be with?
  • Constellation:Is your family blood related?
  • Eclipse:Is there someone who you think outshines you?
  • Equinox:What makes you calm?
  • Galaxy:Who do you want to be?
  • Meteor:What makes you feel alive?
  • Nova:When were you happiest?
  • Orbit:Is there someone you can't stop thinking about?
  • Solstice:Do you prefer time with friends or time alone?
  • Sun Spots:What makes you feel bad about yourself?
  • Zenith:What makes you feel good about yourself?
  • Black Hole:Has there ever been a point where you thought nothing would get better?


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